We have a class for you!

CrossFit is scalable to any fitness level. You don’t have to be fit to start, you just have to have a positive attitude, work hard, and have fun.


Are you tired of your old routine? Not seeing results? The key to CrossFit is that it is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. What does that mean? It means that you will never leave our facility feeling like you wasted your time. Our structure, programming, and coaching work! And if there is one thing that CrossFit La Crosse isn’t, it’s boring. CrossFit is challenging and FUN! Workouts are repeated enough to gauge progress (maybe you will do the same workout every three months), but not enough to get redundant or expand your fitness boundaries. Remember, that which gets measured, gets improved, and your progression is what it is all about!

Our CrossFit classes are a combination of a strength training and metabolic conditioning session (we call this a metcon). Each class generally includes both sessions and is designed to help everyone get stronger, build movement proficiency, increase mobility, and build intensity through the metcon (where we do workouts for time or for reps). While we encourage everyone to move safely and efficiently, we also encourage you to push past your mental barriers. Most everyone quickly realizes they are a lot stronger than they originally thought!

Each class lasts 60 minutes and is in a group setting coached by a CrossFit Trainer that is there to make sure you move safely and effectively. Your classmates will workout right alongside you, encouraging you along the way!

Nutrition Coaching

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. We recommend basing your diet on lean proteins, garden vegetables (especially greens), nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all suspect. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will benefit from nearly all that can be achieved through nutrition.

“The needs of our olympic athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” That is to say, everyone needs to perform an intelligently selected variety of functional movements at a level of intensity appropriate for that individual. Everyone needs to eat food that sustains, rather than harms, the body. This is the pursuit of fitness, and the ability to maintain that fitness throughout your life is a defining measure of health.